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Computer Weavers

Managed IT the Alaska Way

Like a lot of things in Alaska, we do IT a little different up here. We don’t have massive facilities and an army of employees to throw at problems. The managed IT industry in Alaska is made up of individualistic specialists who excel in their chosen fields. To give Alaskan businesses the IT support they need to thrive, the best of the best have banded together into Eagle Consulting Group, LLC

A jack-of-all-trades is master of none, and that’s not good enough for your business. Each and every member of our group is a master of a particular field of IT, and we combine our expertise to give you the best support possible. Which would you rather have, a single lone wolf at your back or an entire convocation of eagles?

Computer Weavers

Dedicated to helping you soar

The experts at Computer Weavers got into this business to help Alaskan businesses thrive. We want to be a service you can depend on to keep your workplace’s IT running in peak form. For us, getting hired isn’t an opportunity for some quick cash; it’s an opportunity to forge a lasting relationship that will be continuously beneficial for all of us.

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