Training and Consulting

Take advantage of our wealth of IT, cybersecurity, and compliance knowledge to educate your staff.


Even with 24/7/365 monitoring of your systems, human error can creep in and cause problems. The only way to reduce instances of user error is to educate the users on the correct ways to use their company’s IT. We train clients on the use of all the products and services we offer, but two of our most important consulting areas are security and compliance.


Everyone Must Do Their Part

All the security systems and software in the world are useless if a user on the inside lets a cybercriminal into the network or willingly divulges confidential information. Our security training teaches employees to spot potential scams, secure their virtual workplace, and do their part to reduce vulnerabilities in the company’s infrastructure.


Following the Law

Any company that handles the personal data of its clients is responsible for the safety and security of that data, whether it’s medical records or just a credit card number. Failing to employ the correct software, security tools, or privacy protocols when handling this data can put it at risk and incur heavy fines or other punitive measures from the government.


You know that ignorance isn’t an excuse, so get consulting and training from Computer Weavers and remove it from the equation. We know Alaskan and federal compliance requirements front to back and our expert team members are at the top of their respective fields.
So, when your employees learn from us, you know you’re getting access to the best knowledge base in the state.