I.T. Staff Augmentation

We will help you find the expertise you need without the high costs of hiring in-house staff

Fill the gaps in your IT department without having to go through a time-consuming hiring process

An in-house IT department may not be feasible for some businesses. The hiring process is time-consuming and high-level skill sets come at a hefty price. For organizations that have an IT team, certain tasks require specialized expertise or additional manpower to complete. In both cases, hiring temporarily may not be the best strategy. That is where Computer Weavers’s I.T. Staff Augmentation service can help.

Our service is suitable for complex IT projects or for bridging the gap in manpower without the need to hire more staff. We can provide full or part-time staff as well as contract to hire. You enjoy the flexibility of recruiting team members only for a specified time frame such as for a large upgrade project, during peak hours, vacation days, or whenever you need extra help. You can also add or remove team members at any time to suit each project's needs.

Computer Weavers’s I.T. Staff Augmentation will help to:

  • Reduce costs – save on employee training and direct hiring costs
  • Integrate easily – our teams align with your operations and help improve processes where needed
  • Meet deadlines efficiently – your outsourced IT staff are skilled, experienced, and dedicated to deliver quality work
  • Fill gaps in specialized skills – no need to hire full-time for specialized skill sets that are temporarily needed

Security and Compliance Training

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Network Support and Monitoring

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Disaster Recovery

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