Disaster Recovery

We always have a plan to help businesses recover from potentially catastrophic events, as well as a backup plan for that one.

If it was predictable, it wouldn’t be Alaska

Disasters happen. They might be natural like flooding or freezing, or human-caused like industrial accidents or cyberattacks. Hoping disasters don’t happen won’t help, but a detailed recovery plan backed up by powerful technology will get your business up and running again with minimal downtime and intact data. Keeping copies of your files and applications prevents extended downtime or worse from hurting
your business.

However, manually backing up data to physical media is tedious, time-consuming, and ineffective in the face of a disaster that affects your entire premises. That’s why Computer Weavers uses remote Cloud backup systems in addition to onsite backups for an added layer of security. These Cloud backups automatically replicate your data and send the copies off to a secure, hardened data center that ensures your files can survive anything.

Our Disaster Recovery Counters the Unexpected By:

  • Automatically backing up your data without draining computing resources
  • Storing your data on site on hardened drives and/or off site at a fortified data center
  • Setting up a comprehensive disaster recovery protocol to preserve business continuity
  • Constantly monitoring and testing the integrity of your backups

Cloud Solutions

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Disaster Recovery

Backup plans and 24/7 support recover data from catastrophes

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