HIPAA Compliance

Comprehensive security solutions, expert consulting, and built-in reporting
that ensure compliance and reduce audit times

Compliance failure will hurt your reputation, bottom line, and productivity.

To meet and keep up with changing HIPAA regulations, you will need to protect patients’ sensitive data with system monitoring, keep your procedures efficient by streamlining operations, and have the reports ready to avoid budget-breaking audits. They are both time- and resource-demanding, and that’s where Computer Weavers’s HIPAA Compliance can help.

Computer Weavers’s HIPAA compliance reduces your costs, time, and worries.

We utilize an industry-leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system to detect threats to your network, respond to them in real-time before they wreak havoc, update every change in your systems, and provide compliance reports. Our partnership with The Compliance Group also gives you access to high-profile HIPAA consultants who will quickly identify vulnerabilities in your processes and patient practices and recommend industry best practices to eliminate them, so your business can stay HIPAA-compliant and at the top of the industry’s standards.

Computer Weavers’s HIPAA Compliance solution also provides:

  • Thorough assessments of your medical practice by senior-level HIPAA experts
  • Recommendations on how to improve processes and patient practices
  • Real-time threat alert systems with dashboard updates and incident responses
  • Functionality across all your servers, workstations, and mobile devices
  • Threat intelligence to keep you informed and your data secure and confidential
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting that reduce costs and up to 90% of audit times
  • Continuous guidance to ensure you remain fully compliant and up to date with the industry’s latest practices

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