Monitored Security

Our advanced security monitoring software gives us a bird’s-eye view of your system so we can eliminate cyberthreats before they reach your computers.

Prevent downtime and secure your business’s
and customers’ data

Cyberthreats get more sophisticated every day, and security personnel as well as their tools have to stay up to date in order to defend against them. Keeping pace with cybersecurity trends and developments can be draining on a small business’s budget and IT personnel workloads, so the optimal solution is to outsource these tasks. Instead of hiring on cybersecurity personnel and constantly buying more software, they simply pay a low monthly fee
to cover it all.

Computer Weavers’s technicians provide Monitored Security 24/7/365, meaning they are always watching for attempts to breach your system. We employ sophisticated anti-malware software, anti-spam software, firewalls, and more to keep systems up and data safe. Our experts will also continuously maintain and upgrade your security systems, as well as train your employees on best security practices to ensure that you will always be protected.

Our Monitored Security Services Will Protect You From:

  • Viruses, worms, trojan horses, and other malware that can damage computer systems
  • Ransomware that locks your data until you pay a cybercriminal
  • Spyware such as keyloggers that monitor
    your activity and data
  • Botnets and other attempts to assume
    control of your systems
  • Phishing and other scams designed to trick
    your employees into giving away data or money

Security and Compliance Training

Teach employees to keep networks secure and comply with regulations

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Network Support and Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of systems resolves IT issues before they can occur

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Disaster Recovery

Backup plans and 24/7 support recover data from catastrophes

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