Network Support and Monitoring

Our Eagle eyes are constantly on the lookout for potential IT problems.

Expert support and proactive monitoring

It’s not always easy getting around in Alaska, and there’s a lot of ground to cover. So if you get stuck waiting for your IT guy to come and fix something, you might be waiting a long time.
Those minutes and hours
(or days!) can add up to a mountain of lost productivity and profits.
The best way to avoid this scenario is to prevent the issue from happening in the first place.

Computer Weavers utilizes proactive network monitoring to spot and fix problems before they happen so your business keeps moving forward. In the rare event that an issue does arise, our powerful remote access software will allow our technicians to assess what needs to be done and execute it in a timely fashion. We never want to have to go onsite while you wait, so we’ll be watching 24/7 and not sitting around waiting to react to a problem.

Our 24/7/365 Network Monitoring and
Gives You:

  • Round-the-clock access to professional support
    and knowledge
  • Reduced personnel and maintenance costs
  • Minimized downtime to ensure your productivity stays strong
  • Regular maintenance and updates so you don’t lose your momentum
  • Fixed, predictable fees to get you on budget and in the black


Voice communication across mobile, desktops, and office phones

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Monitored Security

24/7 security monitoring fights ransomware, viruses, and spyware

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Disaster Recovery

Backup plans and 24/7 support recover data from catastrophes

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